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“Never have I seen a population suffering from a disease treated so poorly as the ones suffering from substance use disorder” Nobody chooses to become addicted. Mike has been in the forefront in the movement to bring the treatment for SUD into the mainstream medical clinics and family practices, by developing medicated assisted treatment programs (MAT) in the primary care setting. “there are medications out there to treat opiate addiction and alcoholism, that people are not aware of or the stigma has stopped them from getting the best care possible.” Designing programs for school districts, foster care programs, and for co-occurring disorders based on the philosophy that “change takes action". Making a life change can seem overwhelming, but it is not, just takes a hint of motivation and a little action with some guidance and people can heal, families can heal, and life can change. I have seen it and been a part of many amazing stories. 

Mission statements –  To make a positive impact on our community by working with community partners to support, encourage and facilitate meaningful change in the individuals and families it serves.  


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