Schools & Staff

CTA has years of experience in Alcohol and drug prevention and education to students in the Central Valley from contracting with school districts for interventions to going into classrooms and putting the damage done by smoking, alcohol and drugs in terms the students can understand with current types of drugs being used and relevant treatment options. Training school educators and staff on what to look for, current trends in use such as vaping, cannabis use and of course alcohol, educated them on ways to connect with the students to create an open and safe environment to have open conversation with the them. 

Medical Teams

Integrating substance use disorder treatment into the medical model is new to many and educating the staff helps create a calm and confident team to help in this fight. CTA counselors are experts in (MAT) medicated assisted treatment, from policies and procedures to workflows CTA can guide your medical team in the most successful treatment for opiate use disorder. MAT Treatment medicated assisted treatment is an Evidence based successful treatment for not only opiate use disorder but there are great medications for alcohol use disorder as well. These medications along with counseling can help living a successful life of sobriety. 

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